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I was happy and honoured that the inspiring Robert Webb retweeted me today.

My family are all huge fans of ‘Peep Show’:  I’d rather the teens watched that than ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ and luckily so would they.  It’s hilariously funny and a very pertinent social commentary & goes down very nicely as a post-dinner chill.  I’ve just read Robert’s book ‘How Not to be a Boy’ which is both very funny and very sad. But mostly very funny.

Robert is quite outspoken on the subject of ‘the Trick’. What’s’ the Trick’? Watch here:

Robert retweeted two of my Tweets:

… and although many people were really supportive and interested, some were not very happy at all.

A ‘Mermaids’ representative said she was ‘deeply concerned’ and spoke of my ‘ferocious anti-trans propaganda’, while someone else claimed that I ‘attack trans people all the time’.

Juno Dawson claimed that my story was ‘entirely fictional’ and I’d just made it up to be mean to trans people.

Others have suggested, not for the first time, that I’m an evil, hideous parody of a mother and that Jessie has been scared into pretending she isn’t trans until she can escape my evil clutches. <eyeroll>

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You can read the threads here:

and here:

Robert stood his ground, and over the next few days mine & Jessie’s story on 4thwave received several thousand new hits thanks to his retweet.

PS  I just read through my bedtime Twitter  ‘mentions’ & the support there is huge. I wasn’t expecting that much. Going to bed happy and a little bit ‘fangirling’.

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