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Shamelessly gender critical. There's no such thing as a pink brain, a lesbian with a penis or a gender fairy. Transitioning kids is child abuse.

Who’s really driving the trans-train?

Gender identity politics is, perhaps, the most unlikely youth movement we could have imagined. Far from rebelling against the stereotypes that were beginning to be broken down by the GenXers, Gens Y&Z seem intent on re-enforcing the differences between the … Continue reading

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Liberal Voice for Women: Liberal Principles Applied to Treatment of Children with Gender Dysphoria 12/4/21

I’m not a Liberal Democrat, or a Conservative, or a whatever-it-is-that-people-in-the-Labour-party-call-themselves-these-days but, when there doesn’t seem to be a political party in the entire country willing to admit to knowing what a woman is, attending an event such as this … Continue reading

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