What’s in a Word?

If Transwomen ARE women, do we need a new word to define the type of humans who are biologically built to menstruate, give birth & lactate; who have a uterus and breasts and are oppressed because of their biology ? ***

***  Examples of oppression for biological reasons include: selective abortion, higher rates of childhood abuse and sexual abuse. FGM, rape, exploitation through prostitution or surrogacy, access to abortion, access to education, low pay…

If we don’t need a new word, why not?

Women are 51% of the world’s population. Are our rights so unimportant?

If we do need a new word, what should it be, now we’re no longer allowed to use the word ‘woman’ to exclusively describe ourselves?


If anyone knows who created this graphic, please let me know so I can credit them.

About Lily Maynard

Shamelessly gender critical. There's no such thing as a pink brain, a lesbian with a penis or a gender fairy. Transitioning kids is child abuse.
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  1. Fed up says:

    Great point, and well-chosen graphic! I’ve said before that if it will end the fighting, fine– “trans women are women” (whatever that is supposed to mean) but then we’ll just need a new word for actual females as a reproductive sex class. Call us flibbittygibbits for all I care, just know that we will always find a new word to describe our objective and unalterable reality. You can try to colonize our language, and occupy our spaces, but you’ll never really be one of us.

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