“For me, trying to convince myself that I am or could be a woman would be the final sign I had drifted completely into insanity.”

“You can play the part of a woman, but you cannot be one unless you were born one. A woman is an adult female. Males are not and can never be females.”

Jenn Smith




I’m so moved by this raw and honest article by transsexual Jenn Smith, that I think it deserves a repost all of its own. The article is in two sections which both stand alone as important works: the first is a horrifying but almost matter-of-fact autobiographical account of his own traumatic childhood and how he believes it affected the way he presents and identifies.

The second deals with the current trend of transitioning small children & teens, and why it is generally a terrible idea. In it, Jenn asks the important question:

“Instead of moving kids towards medical transitioning, why not do everything possible to encourage them to accept their biological sex and body, since that is reinforcing reality?”

Jenn Smith

It seems strange that we even need to ask that question. Surely it’s a no-brainer?

A child who has to spend their whole life trying to play out a role that they aren’t physically designed for; a child who invests huge amounts of time and concern into whether they’ pass’ or not; a child constantly worrying if they’re going to be ‘misgendered’ or ‘caught out’ is not a child who can focus on the day to day wonders of the world and the joys and woes of regular human interaction. A child who can live in the body they were born in is a child who does not become a lifelong medical patient in a quest to become something they are not.

Twitter ‘armchair activists’ often say to me in disgust, “You’d rather have a gay child than a trans child!” Well, yes, I would. But for the reasons above, not out of some deep-seated loathing for trans-identified people.

Jenn adds:

“Young people should be encouraged to accept their natural bodies and selves. Children are prone to whims and flights of fancy, which is why we do not let them get tattoos or vote in elections, because they are not mature enough to make informed decisions that can seriously impact their lives or the lives of others.”

Jenn Smith

There are so many parts of Jenn’s article that I could quote that the best thing just seems to be to plant the link here for you to read yourselves. While you read it, bear in mind that Jenn  is on the receiving end of much hatred from the adult trans-identified community for daring to speak out as he does.

“As I began my campaign to dissuade schools and parents from allowing gender identity changes in children, I was immediately attacked by what I call “trans cult activists,” … They claimed I was too old and ugly to be transgendered and not feminine enough… They suggested the fact I knew I was really a male proved I was not really trans but in fact just a pervert, and even suggested I should kill myself…”

Jenn Smith

Thank you, Jenn, for being brave and honest enough to speak up, for caring about the welfare of children and for writing this article.


EDIT: The links to Jenn’s articles are no longer active.



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Shamelessly gender critical. There's no such thing as a pink brain, a lesbian with a penis or a gender fairy. Transitioning kids is child abuse.
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3 Responses to “For me, trying to convince myself that I am or could be a woman would be the final sign I had drifted completely into insanity.”

  1. N says:

    As I said before if someone has a male marker and name on his birth certificate, if he has a penis, and if they are seen and treated as male by family, friends, peers, strangers, and society then that person is male no question and vise versa. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is going to check another person’s chromosomes and you will not EVER know anyone’s genetic makeup just by looking at them, sorry.

  2. N says:

    Also, you may not feel like a woman because you are a man head and body, but people are different. Some people were born with female/male brains and want their bodies to match their brains. You really need to research and learn about what you are talking about these issues as you grossly over simplify them and obviously do not know how complex a condition like that actually is before making wayward and phobic articles. As a man I am all about females being equal to men, but this super radical feminist nonsense is just toxic, man hating, and phobic to people just trying to live their lives. Please for all that is good stop being crazy and please stop making these ridiculous posts.

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