Who will guard the guards? – When the Police say Men are Women

A prime example of this is the case of a recent statement made by a Detective Inspector after two men were convicted of child sex abuse offences.

I mean, if the DI in charge of such cases in Greater Manchester can’t correctly sex a child abuser, who can? Well, none of us, it seems, if the police have their way.

33 year old Jonathan Walker (left) and 31 year old Nathan ‘Naiomi’ O’Brien were this week sentenced concerning the sexual abuse of a four year old boy. Whilst Walker carried out the physical abuse, O’Brien was found guilty of ‘intentionally encouraging and assisting’ Walker to both commit a sexual assault against a child and to engage in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

Both men were found guilty of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

But Nathan is not like other men- not just in his penchant for enabling the harm of little kids, but in that he identifies as a woman. Which of course changes everything.

This is not the first time O’Brien has been in the news. In 2015, the Daily Star wrote an article praising his ‘perfect pout’. In the same year, the Daily Mail gushed about his ‘enviable figure’ and how he was fulfilling his ‘wildest dreams’ of being a beauty queen (sounds familiar?)

This is obvious concrete proof of his being a woman, because what woman doesn’t fantasise about ‘being a beauty queen’ in her wildest dreams?

Detective Inspector Marsden was understandably pround of the team’s work on the case, referring to a ‘tenacious and lengthy investigation’. The report can be found here on Manchester police’s website. Unfortunately my repeated attempts to archive the post failed, but I did take a screenshot of the article, which I will place right here:

While I’m not the only one to attempt to archive the post and fail, it seems that Greater Manchester police has incapacitated the archive faciltiy on posts across their website. This is not as nefarious as it sounds, as I was also unable to archive an article about shoplifters in Bolton. (Sussex police has the same block, although it appears that the Mets don’t.)

A big clue that Greater Manchester police knew damn well that they were telling porkies to the public is that they turned off comments under their Twitter post about the convictions.

Other tweets concerning arrests and convictions allow the public to comment underneath. This tweet had comments blocked – almost certainly to stop any pesky fascist bigots pointing out that the paedophile in question was not a woman but the usual man man manity man.

Partly because of Marsden’s willingness to throw women under the bus by pretending that this male paedophile was female, I had assumed that DI Marsden was a man. So another shock was in store for me when I realised that Zoe Marsden, herself a mother, is the DI in charge of the case.

The thing especially disconcerting about this case is that Marsden didn’t just incorrectly sex O’Brien. She repeatedly misdirected the reader, using ‘she’ and ‘her’ to refer to the paedophile, even calling him female TWICE: firstly observing that ‘the female suspect”s chats were not ‘simply a case of role play or fantasy’which strikes me as a somewhat erroneous use of the word ‘simply’- but going on to emphasise O’Brien’s specific ‘femaleness’, hinting at the unusual nature of the ‘predatory female’.

Could this have been an oversight? Are O’Brien’s obvious maleness, and the nature of the crime, really not indicators that something might be weird about this case?

If I can find this stuff with 10 mins on Google, are we supposed to believe an actual Detective Inspector couldn’t? O’Brien’s Instagram- Morgan Naiomi Clark- features videos of him smoking weed and wiggling his arse at the camera with a vaccuous look on his face. Other Twitter users came across different photos and even (I am told) a video of O’Brien masturbating while weraring women’s clothing.

He likes to call hmiself ‘taboo goddess’ but it takes minimal scratching at the surface of the internet to establish that O’Brien is yet another stoned, pornsick, autogynephillic male.

What he most certainly isn’t is that startling rarity, the ‘predatory female’. And it seems reasonable to assume that DI Marsden is fully aware of this fact.

Yeah, it’s awful, but women do it too, right?

The most striking effect of blurring the boundaries between male and female when reporting crime statistics is that it gives the general public a false impression of patterns of crime. Female sex offenders are very rare indeed, and female paedophiles are even rarer.

ONS statistics show that around 85% of violent crime and 98% of sexual violence is perpetrated by men. A Swedish study, (Dhejne et al. 2011) showed that ‘male-to-female transexuals “. . . retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.’

Ministry of Justice statistics released in 2020 showed that 76 out of 129 male prisoners who identified as transgender (not counting any with GRCs) had at least 1 conviction of a sexual offence. 36 were convictions for rape and 10 for attempted rape.

Comparisons from 2019 Ministry of Justice data showed that just 3.3% of women in prison had a conviction for a sexual offence. This rose to 16.8% among male prisoners. A whopping 58.9% of trans-identified men had such a conviction.

Is it unreasonable to assume that a person who has risen to the rank of Detective Inspector, and who is head of an Online Child Sexual Abuse Invrstigation Team, would be aware of this?

After Fair Play for Women revealed in 2017 that half of all transgender prisoners are sex offenders or dangerous category A inmates, the BBC ran a ‘Reality Check’ and much to its chagrin, was obliged to confirm that this was true. James Kirkup wrote an interesting piece about it here.

If DI Marsden’s priority was a genuine interest in protecting the local community, rather than suggesting that other local children could have been subject to similar offending by a predatory female” she might, more honestly, have said that the children “could have been subject to similar offending by a man impersonating a woman”.

Is the DI in charge of child sex abuse cases in Manchester complicit in not only pretending a male abuser is female but consciously skewing crime figures?

No doubt taking their cue from the Greater Manchester Police website – after all, one could be forgiven for assuming the police get their facts right- the Manchester Evening News and the BBC also reported that O’Brien is a woman- as did several other papers- thus misinforming the public about the likelihood of encountering female sex offenders and failing to warn them about the genuine perpetrator of the offence.

Most papers reporting on the issue quoted DI Marsden and her warning against predatory females. In fact, the whole of the UK has been warned about this ‘predatory female’ who encouraged a man to commit horrific child sexual abuse – and she doesn’t even exist.

With a stunning and audacious act of misrepresentation, the public are misled and their heads filled with lies by the very people who should be protecting them.

But this is at least a one off, right?

Well, no, it isn’t. This happens again and again, in England and abroad.

Just yesterday, four days after O’Brien was convicted, the Edmonton Sun (Canada) reported that “a woman with a history of possessing, making and publishing child porn involving toddlers was released from jail on Monday and will be residing in Edmonton.”

In 2019, the last time Waskahat was released from prison, police made a similar warning to local residents.

The article goes on to say that Laverne Waskahat, ‘a convicted violent sexual offender… may try to associate herself with someone who has young kids, and then groom them for offending behaviour, that ‘she’ will frequent public bathrooms in an attempt to take voyeuristic photos of children and has been known to ‘offend against children while in a position of care of the child’.

You know what the police and papers didn’t bother to mention on either occassion?



That Waskahat is a man.

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  1. olly firth says:

    Oh Lily, you seem to have forgotten that Trans people do exist. Just because they’ve done something wrong doesnt negate their existence.

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