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Yesterday The National Post and various other outlets reported on Jessica Yaniv’s predictable yet dramatic arrest shortly after an online debate with transsexual Blaire White. The debate and ongoing drama made me want to raise again the big question:

‘What makes somebody ‘true trans’?’

Yaniv, who claims without irony to be ‘Canada’s version of Jazz Jennings’,  is notorious for having not only an overactive imagination but an unhealthy interest in underage girls and their sanitary protection. Also known for making racist comments on and off social media, Yaniv is most famous for the ‘wax my balls’ case: attempting to sue several Canadian female beauticians who deal with only female clientelle for refusing to perform a ‘Brazillian’ on male genitalia.

See here, here, here and here. for more about this case.

Why the hell anyone would want someone to do that to them TBH is beyond me. As someone who has had their eyebrows done less than half a dozen times in their life, the idea of having the hair ripped off my vulva is both astonishing and petrifying, but there you go, each to her- or his- own.

I won’t delve too far into the ‘Yaniv Show’ here. You probably know about it already and if you don’t, Google is your friend. Yaniv is a notorious attention seeker and some would say that I’m pandering to his ego by writing about him at all.  They may be right. But bear with me.

Yaniv has leaped again into the public eye after the livestreamed online debate with White, who asked a lot of awkward questions which Yaniv made a complete mess of answering. Lying, blustering and improvising badly throughout, stopping at one point to boast of having pepper spray and to brandish a taser at the camera, it was hard to tell where the truth ended and the lies began.

The local police were evidently not impressed.

“About three minutes after (the broadcast ended) I have RCMP showing up at my door and putting me into cuffs…” Yaniv told the National Post, also claiming to have undergone a seizure at the time of arrest and to have been taken to hospital before the police station. How much of this is true, only time will tell.

Yaniv and taser

The Post Millenial observes that two stun guns, pepper spray, and bear spray were seized from Yaniv’s apartment, shortly after the live video dialogue with White.

WTF is bear spray? Do you spray it on your rubber underpants while you’re masturbating in the loos at work? I’m not sure I want to know.




White and Yaniv in dialogue on YouTube.

Yaniv may be deluded enough to claimHey Blaire White, I can look like Barbie too” (see pageant post above) but let’s be honest here, this is not the case.

So Yaniv debated with Blaire, not very well, and now social media is awash more than ever with people calling Yaniv fat, deluded and ugly.


Those of us who know men cannot magically ‘become’ women or somehow be born with an elusive and female essence misplaced into a male body, perhaps we underestimate how many people are unthinking advocates of the ‘true trans’ trope.

So, I ask you: if Yaniv was more articulate and had the money to reinvent ‘Jessica’, a gastric band, liposuction, a variety of surgeries and a more sophisticated taste in clothing, would the resulting ‘Jessica’ be any more of a woman?

The answer is no, of course not.

Womanhood is not a prize for being pretty, skinny or sane.

Yaniv is no more or less of a woman than any other transwoman. And there’s a very good reason for that.


Because men are not women.


So why are Josie & Joe Bloggs comfortable calling Karen White, Danielle Muscato and Jessica Yaniv ‘he’ (except in situations where they’re likely to be sued or have their social media accounts shut down) but can’t bring themselves to refer to Blaire White or Munroe Bergdorf by the correct pronouns for their sex? Why are blokes in obvious wigs or with beer bellies to be laughed at while the ‘pretty posse’ are to be humoured and revered?

The ‘true trans’ trope seems to be based on two standards.


Josie and Joe reckon that someone who misbehaves (for example, by acting creepy or crazy)  is clearly bonkers enough to erroneously believe they’re been born in the wrong body, and/or be capable of pretending they have genuine feelings of being born in the wrong body.

Josie and Joe believe they are ‘fake trans’ so it’s ok to mock and ‘misgender’ them.

The same people who are so quick to mock will also often hold the view that someone who behaves well (ie within the confines of moral or legal acceptance) really has been born in the wrong body, and/or would never pretend to have such feelings for personal or nefarious gain.

They are ‘true trans’ and Josie and Joe will be respectful and use their ‘preferred pronouns’ and be shocked when others do not do the same.

But being trans is not a prize for good behaviour.



Looking at this picture, we can all have a pretty good guess as to which woman is the ‘baddie’.

Secondly, we are conditioned to respond positively to things we find beautiful. While we all have our own standards of beauty, there are certain attributes that most of us find appealing, at least on a superficial level.

There are reasons why Snow White is portrayed as beautiful and ‘evil witches’ as ugly.

It’s the same reason I can’t walk past those ridiculous beanie babies with the ginormous eyes without wanting to take one home and love it forever.

While as individuals many of us are able to see beyond superficial beauty and appreciate its many different forms, as a species we are conditioned biologically and culturally to respond to certain types of beauty. We also respond to conformity, to ideas or objects that we recognise as ‘fitting’ because this gives us feelings of comfort and security.

While there are those to whom Blaire does not appeal and, possibly, those to whom Yaniv is the epitome of a sex bomb, the reality is that neither are women.  Josie and Joe are happy to go along with Blaire’s desire to be ‘treated like’ and addressed as a woman, but not with Jessica’s.

This is not just because Blaire is ‘cover girl’ pretty but also because Blaire doesn’t wish to show 12 year olds how to use tampons or attend topless swimming parties for pubescent kids.

But being trans is not a prize for good behaviour.

Who gets to decide who is true trans? Who draws that line and who decides who gets to skip over the line? 

Men cannot ‘become’ women by parodying womanhood. It makes no difference if they have a bushy beard or a 40DD cup size. There is no such thing as ‘true trans’, only people who wish they had been born the opposite sex so much that they are willing to try to fake it.

Of the men who feel this way, like any other men, some of them have good intentions; others don’t. Some of them are better at faking it than others.

None of them are women.

Remember, it isn’t hateful or bigoted to speak the truth.

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3 Responses to The ‘True Trans’ Trope

  1. Joy says:

    It is heartening to see this blog from a person who understands the difference between biology and fantasy and is willing and courageous enough to speak this truth.

    As a mother and grandmother of a daughter/granddaughter, I’m frankly terrified of the direction that trans ideology is taking and see nothing but a nightmarish future for them and for all girls and women.

    Honestly, how does any woman trust any man these days? Or any liberal feminist woman who supports the trans agenda? It beggars the imagination.

  2. puhjeemuhs says:

    Look how far Yaniv got before anyone with a platform in the trans community even bothered to notice. I don’t see Blaire White or Rose of Dawn rallying to get Meghan Murphy her Twitter account back.

  3. Gender Critical Dad says:

    I think Rose of Dawn has. I just spenmt 1- secs googling and came up with this:

    Also re the article. Men will call out ugly TW because they don’t fancy them, they know they wont get turned on by them. Sexy TW are very threatening to straight men’s confidence in their sexuality.

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