The Feminist Library open letter & how it went terribly wrong

Oh dear, Feminist Library, how you have let yourself down. How very, very, very unfeminst you have become. And amidst all our dismay and disappointment, what a laugh you have inadvertently given us… but we’ll come to that later.

The latest ‘we hate women really’ piece of activism coming from the Feminist Library is to attempt to get the recent £9,000 Lottery funding given to the LGB Alliance removed. The LGB Alliance plans to use the money to set up a helpline for LGB young people age 13-25.



The Feminist Library has crafted an  open letter, expressing ‘concern and disappointment‘, making unsubstantiated accusations and demanding the funding be revoked. The LGB Alliance, it claims, is an ‘anti-trans group’ which ‘supports conversion therapy’.

Dark accusations indeed. To consider them, we first need to look at the term ‘conversion therapy’.

Conversion Therapy

Pro-child-transition groups see the idea of suggesting to a child that they might not actually be trans, or that ‘trans’ as a condition may not exist, as abusive. This is one of the things they call ‘conversion therapy’. So conversion therapy could be sitting down calmly with your child and asking questions like:

Why do you think a girl might start thinking she was a boy?”

“How could a girl know how a boy feels?”

“How could it be possible to have a boy brain in a girl body?”

or expressing opinions such as:

“Boys have different bodies to girls.”

“I don’t believe you can change sex.”

“Gender is about sexist stereotypes.”

or a hundred other perfectly reasonable questions or thoughts that might- and should – spring to the mind of any parent who wants what is best for their child.

These questions, oh Best Beloved, are the tools of the evil conversion therapist who lives on the banks of TERF island and eats innocent little enby children for dinner. But of course, they are not. They are very reasonable questions that need to be seriously considered before setting a child or young person off down a trans pathway, clutching a pink and blue lunchbox and draped in a trans flag.


We know that social transition sets the stage for puberty blockers which set the stage for cross sex hormones which set the stage for surgeries (although sometimes the surgeries come first, or instead). We know that path can result in sterile adults, and we know many of these kids are gay, or autistic, or traumatised.  But still we are told we are not allowed to discuss these questions for ourselves; we are fed stock replies over and over and over by those who are applauded by the beguiled mainstream when they speak and we begin to believe the madness that is ‘believe trans kids when they tell you who they are’.

The pro-child-transition charity Mermaids, cited in the Open Letter, calls such discussion ‘conversion abuse’ and an ‘abhorrent practice‘ which ‘harms trans people’. Mermaids believes in affirmation and only affirmation. In her TED talk Susie Green refers to her son having ‘a girl brain in a boy body’.

On the Mermaids website currently, under the parents section, a woman called Julia reports “Calling the helpline was immensely positive and helped me to feel strong enough to support my child to be able to start their journey.”

Wait… what journey? A phone call helped you decide you were going to tell your kid they could change sex? That is pretty damn worrying.

Yes, you can bet I have skin in the game. If you follow my blog you’ll probably know that my own daughter, who initially came out as a lesbian began identifying as a boy when she was fifteen. We were lucky that our family was in a position to help her analyse the situation. That involved- as well as giving love and support- making it very clear that we didn’t believe it was possible for a boy to be born in a girl’s body (which was the narrative Mermaids et al were pedalling at the time).

My daughter is in her early twenties now, she’s a lesbian, she’s happy and confident. She doesn’t have to deal with scars and medication and living in a constant state of cognitive dissonance surrounded by people who walk on eggshells. Of course, there were other factors in her desistance a year later, but she is very clear that she would have jumped at the chance to take hormones had I affirmed her and not asked all those awkward questions that she didn’t want to hear at the time.

Mermaids would accuse me of ‘conversion therapy’. These organisations would support having children like my daughter removed from their parents. And forget this nonsense that kids only get hormones after years of therapy – hormones can be easily purchased online and explorative therapy is exactly what they’re trying to ban.

The LGB Alliance

The LGB Alliance was founded in 2019 with a vision of “lesbians, gay men and bisexuals living free from discrimination or disadvantage based on their sexual orientation” and its aims include “amplify(ing) the voices of lesbians and highlight(ing) the dual discrimination experienced by lesbians as women who are same-sex attracted in a male-dominated society.”

It was granted charitable status by the Charity Commission in April 2021 and received a £9,000 grant from Lottery funding in June 2022.

The LGB Alliance expresses concerns that gay children are being transitioned into ostensibly ‘straight’ children and aims “to protect children from harmful, unscientific ideologies that may lead them to believe either their personality or their body is in need of changing…

…any child growing up to be lesbian, gay or bisexual has the right to be happy and confident about their sexuality and who they are.”

“Sexual orientation and gender identity are two distinct categories which need to be considered separately… affirming a child as ‘trans’, when they might otherwise grow up to be lesbian, gay or bisexual, is a form of conversion therapy.”

This is a very different take on the meaning of the phrase ‘conversion therapy’.

The Feminist Library claims to believe that “the LGB Alliance was set up to divide the LGBTQ+ community in a time of rampant transphobia…”

Wow. That’s a pretty massive and enitrely unsubstantiated accusation.

The letter goes on to say that a coalition headed by Mermaids and Gendered Intellegence has launched an appeal against the LGBA’s charitable status. Well of course it has!  Both organisations support the early transitioning of children, access to cross-sex hormones and surgeries. Remember, the CEO of Mermaids took her son’s dolls away, and arranged for him to have his penis removed on his 16th birthday. Both groups are quick to  call non-compliant parents transphobic: I once heard Jay Stewart joke to a crowded room that GI were considering ‘getting somebody in to handle the parents.’ The audience laughed. Ha ha ha.

The Feminist Library abhors the idea that the LGB Alliance should set up a helpline for ‘vulnerable queer youth’ but that is not what the LGB Alliance plans to do. Their helpline is for same-sex attracted young people, many of whom may not even identify as ‘queer’.  The LGB Alliance has worked with “a panel of experts in child protection, education, helpline delivery, fund raising and psychology” on plans for the helpline. They have been awarded £9,000- a mere drop in the ocean compared to the half a million quid Mermaids got from Lottery money in 2019 or the £300,000 that the goverment is giving Galop to run a National Conversion Therapy Helpline.

The Feminist Library also accuses the National Lottery of ‘going against your equalities framework’ in awarding the grant to the LGB Alliance.   It seems that LGB people are not to be allowed anything, ever, anywhere, without the T and spicy straights tagging along yelling ‘transphobes!’ at them.

The Feminist Library

The Feminist Libray was established in 1975 by a group of women who wanted to to ensure that the history of the women’s liberation movement survived.

“The Feminist Library holds a large archive collection of Women’s Liberation Movement literature, particularly second-wave materials dating from the late 1960s to the 1990s,” states their website.

In 2018, middle child and I visited the Feminist Library Christmas Fair. I flipped through some of the ‘trans rights’ books on one table. I was so astonished I took a photo of this page. For a feminist library, they sure support some lesbophobic shit.

It’s a Very Good Thing that the Feminist Library exists and I hope it continues to do so. Archives are an essential part of any movement, although it hardly seems possible for the library to be recording a balanced view of contemporary feminism while behaving as it does. Will those running the library, I wonder, have acquired copies of books by Helen Joyce and Kathleen Stock, for example? Will Sheila Jeffreys have been banished? Is Germaine Greer languishing in a backroom or kept in a locked case marked ‘potential trigger warning’?

The Feminist Library blocked me on Twitter a long time ago (of course it did), so I log into a different browser to see what it’s up to lately. It has a pink and blue banner which reminds me of my less successful attempts on ‘Draw Something’. Of course, it may have been drawn by a small child in which case, fair dos. Nice job.

The Twitter bio describes the Library as “Celebrating 47 years of Archiving & Activism. Intersectional/Trans-inclusive Library & Bookshop in Peckham”

And down the rabbit hole we go again. How can an organisation claiming to centre women embrace men who appropriate womanhood? Just nine words into its Twitter bio.

The library recently moved to Peckham but is currently closed for renovation work. All the more time to focus on the important things – like taking funding away from LGB young people!

So, back to the Open Letter.

The Open Letter has now received 4,500 signatures, but many are not what they initially seem. The petition has been flooded with faux signatures, some clever, some funny, some just plain daft. They call the library out on its homophobia, its centering of men in feminism and its determination to rebrand same-sex attraction as ‘queer’.

About a third (well over 1,000) of the signatures on the open letter are fake, angered by the libray’s stance.  All signatures are publically viewable on the open letters page, at least for now. Inclusion below doesn’t mean I agree with the sentiment or even find it funny.  This is a public open letter and the Feminist Library has not attempted to remove or hide any of these signatures. So here are 500 of them for your perusal.

I’ve removed ‘real’ signators although I very nearly deleted Iona Wilson, Dixie Recht,  Amy Soginist and Mike Oxlong because they were so real-sounding!

There’s another link at the bottom in case you’re inclined to sign yourself.

  1. Ernst Stavro Blofeld, SPECTRE
  2. Munchausen Mum, flying her son to a backstreet castrator, because she dreads him being gay #StunningAndBrave, Hell
  3. XXX thanks for confirming yr homophobia, sock it to those lesbians, gays and bi’s right?, I mean who do they think they are?
  4. V.Putin, Please open a Feminist Library in Moscow., My regime welcomes your homophobia with open arms.
  5. Leni Riefenstahl, Filmmaker, Why stop at homophobia, Bookburning is good too
  6. Vecna, Mind Flayer, The Upside Down
  7. XXXXXX, I’m a sexist manly manz with internalized misogyny, I use my position to shut up those pesky cis white women, Aclu
  8. Every signatory on this list, is an old-school homophobe, who probably supports gay bashing
  9. Lou King-Atcock, Ladies Bathroom Attendant, Penistone
  10. XXXXXXX Why do you hate, lesbians gays and bisexuals ??
  11. I’ve made a complaint to the charity commission, about this targeted harrassment of an LGB charity.
  12. Dr XXXXX, LPT: if your baby doesn’t want to wear hair clips, means it‘s traaaaaanzzz teehee, Bring it to me so I can trans the baby and make that sweet$$$
  13. Emperor Nero, Rome
  14. Idi Amin, Uganda
  15. An actual feminist who, of course, opposes this., Carer, London
  16. Someone who thinks you should all be kind, signing this online for our new woke overlords, did I say overlords? I meant protectors, Chiron Beta Prime
  17. H.H. Holmes, 19th century Hotelier, Chicago
  18. The Child Catcher, Vulgaria
  19. feminist library, abandons, #notagoodlook, women
  20. Wake up homophobes, there’s nothing wrong with LGB, organising our own group, Bonewall abandoned us for the trans ££££
  21. XXXXX, It’s Ma’am, Gamestop, Castle Greyskull
  22. All the real signatories, will need to explain, why they are homophobes who hate lesbians, gays and bisexuals, We’re back to 1980s open homophobia
  23. Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, Twat in Chief, BetterUp, California
  24. Vladimir Putin, Dictator, Trans away the gay society, Moscow
  25. I can’t believe so many openly homophobic people are still signing this, It’s a phone line to help LG&B young people you fools.
  26. Closing down a helpline for LGB youth?, Great look, guys
  27. Con Version-Therapy, Head of Grooming,
  28. Marsha P. Johnson, Gay Male, I was a gay man you absolute wankers, 6 feet under
  29. Bunch of homophobes attacking LGB people, Seems the hate is all coming from the Feminist Library
  30. I’m a homophobe too, Let’s trans away all the gays, Great work guys, handshakes all round, Vladimir Putin
  31. XXXXX, Artist., Daughters. Sisters. Dogs. All The Same To Me, Fifth Circle of Hell, Brighton BN2 !AA
  32. Hugh Janus, Poopee Tester, Stoneballed, Bangor, The Wales.
  33. Heinrich Kramer, Inquisitor, Veritas Ltd, Peensbruck, Incellandia
  34. Same sex attracted., Lesbian, Stop erasing gays and lesbians., I also have human rights.
  35. We know you are being held hostage by trans activists, Stay calm, they have been reported and help is on its way, We will have you out of their safely soon!, They are known to be dangerous
  36. Aleksandr Lukashenko, Dictator, Good work library…I’m not keen on LGB people either, Belarus
  37. XXXX  below, is now a publicly declared homophobe, like all other real signatures, shame on you authoritarian creeps
  38. Just checking, if, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, fits
  39. Andy M, Unemployed, can I get a job kicking lezzers out of your library?, Halifax
  40. Dr. Juerdo Titsgo, Teet Yeeter, Conversion Therapy Services Inc., Train Station
  41. Pennywise, Children’s entertainer, Don’t you want a… balloon?, Maine
  42. Vlad, Impaler, Romania
  43. Have you had a book burning yet?, any feminist literature, not centering men, must be burnt in honour of cock
  44. XXXX ‘my junk’s going nowhere’ Tres, skateboarding cheat, I like stealing a 13 year old girl’s win. I am PEAK TRANS, New York
  45. I bet you £1000, The “Feminist” Library, has been taken over by, an AGP cock in a frock
  46. Jen de Borg, Erasing homosexuality by transing away the gay, Tehran
  47. Queefgender Billy Bragg (fanny/fart), champagne socialist, All Billy Braggs are valid, Johnny Marr wrote my only good song
  48. Sauron, Necromancer, love your evil campaign, lads, Mordor
  49. Targeting the LGB community is homophobic, Long live the LGB Alliance
  50. We ain’t no feminists, bruv, How do we sleep at night, Homophobic Library of Aunt Lydias, Betrayal-upon-Thames
  51. Harvey Wankstain, Producer, Hollywood
  52. DEATH TO MUSTY OLD TERF SCUM, Student, Grangemouth
  53. Panderina O’Dickworshippa, Fake Feminist, Real feminists have dicks the rest are transphobes, The Feminist Library
  54. Father Johnny Hellzapoppin, Craggy Island
  55. Cupid Stunt, Dick Panderer, Bonewall, Bell End
  56. Skullcrusher Henderson, Forger, Hammersmith
  57. No Child, Is Born, Stop Medical Experiments on Kids, In the Wrong Body
  58. Chief Inspector Grobbelaar, Hammersmith
  59. Harry The Bastard, Pawnbroker, Hammersmith
  60. Cannonball Taffy O’Jones, That’s right you ignorant English wankers!, Hammersmith
  61. Dirty Morty, Swedish Chef, Primordial Soup Kitchen, Metropolis
  62. Teetus Deletus, Chest Butcher/Child abuser, Giving double mastectomies to 13 year olds., Wokingham
  63. Val.E.Date, My, Gender – I can barely open a jam jar since I became a laydee, Lady things, Men’s sexual rights r us, Lady psrts
  64. Everyone who signed this letter is a homophobe, Cthulu, Good work guys!
  65. Dewey Decimal System, Catch yourselves on, Do something useful that centres women, Misogynist Library
  66. The object of power is power, Ministry of Truth, Re-education zone, Reframe your trauma
  67. Pickme McHandmaiden, Virtue Signaller, Shitterton
  68. Dick Head, Pub Landlord, Hammersmith
  69. Woman Hater, Hating Women, Keep Gender Roles Strict, Sexism
  70. Dr, Sidhbh Gallagher, Butcher, Miami, FL
  71. Dr Incelman Splainer, Lecturer to women, Incelandia
  72. Angry Incel (me/me/me), The Misogynist Library, Same sex relationships are verboten, Always centre me
  73. Yaseen Mabübz, Adult human female, Hone
  74. Amy Soginist , just like the sexist male supremacist creep who started this petition, Hating women really hard, National Library, apparently, Anywhere UK
  75. A feminist who used to volunteer at the library, exceptionally disappointed by what has become of it, stop pandering to fetishist me
  76. Andy M, Customer Relations Nightmare, Halifax, Unemployedville
  77. Serving gay and lesbian youth isn’t transphobic, Really do you have nothing better to do, Than to accuse others of hate, Don’t some books need shelving
  78. LGB Alliance Protects The LGB From The T, Lesbians Don’t Want Penises, And Why Are Male Rapists Allowed In Female Prisons?, Trans “Women” Have Penises
  79. XXXXX, Attacker of Women, Ribbons Are Hate Crimes Scotland, Glasgow
  80. I’m a ladyyyy, Destruction of women’s rights, Men on top, Dickistan
  81. Basil Fawlty, Hotelier, Torquay
  82. Investigate “the feminist library”, Registered Charity, Nothing to do with LGB charities, Not part of charter
  83. Loretta (formerly Stan), Judea
  84. Captain Birdseye, Able Semen and Fish Botherer, Non-DBS Childrens Outings R Us, All Aboard The Skylark!!!
  85. I give puberty blockers to children, Don‘t worry no side effects except for micropenis, Does a chicken cry?, and osteoporosis
  86. Vincent Hanna, Country Gentleman’s Pig Fertiliser Gazette, Funny-on-the-Wold
  87. Germaine Greer, An actual feminist, Femininity is unreal, and it’s gender, Female is real, and it’s sex
  88. Peter File, Using puberty blockers to keep kids, in a state of arrested development, until they reach the age of consent
  89. Why are all the homophobes signing this letter? Opposing LGB Alliance makes you a homophobe. Do better., Not a homophobe, Lesbians don’t have dicks, Northamoton
  90. XXXXX, Pederast, Sparkle Glitter Unicorn Gingerbread Mermaid Consortium, Online, all the time. Come and meet me here, kids!
  91. Harold shipman, World record holder, Dignatas made easy, Manchester
  92. Shame on every single one of these signatories
  93. Imagine being so homophobic you want to oppose a charity trying to help gay kids, Opposing LGB Alliance is homophobic
  94. Emmeline Pankhurst, OG Suffragette, What the actual F is going on here?!, Rolling in my grave…
  95. Thefeministlibrary hateshomosexuals, Misogynist, The patriarchy, Tranada
  96. Loving ze anti-gay stuff… Keep up ze good verk, Love and hugs, Adolf, Joseph, Heinrich, Hermann, Martin, Adolf, and Reinhard
  97. Marla TheTerfDoc, Terfistani, Women’s rights, baby, TERF CITY
  98. Gender Ideology., Fighting for predators and paedophiles., The sickest thing that’s ever been invented., Sick selfish men.
  99. This is rampant misogyny and homophobia., You are traitors to women., You fight for predatory men with sexual paraphilias., You are from Hell
  100. J’usta Demit, You Hayte, Lesbians Already
  101. Tyrannosaurus R. Ulysses, Tyrannosaurus, Natural History Museum
  102. Loretta, Was a wise man, now a wise woman, Life of Brian, Bethlehem
  103. Woman is born not worn, Truth, AdultHumanFemale, Real life
  104. If a dog’s born in a barn, does that make it a horse?, Chef at the Dorchester, The Labour Party, An Earth that isn’t flat
  105. Thank you for supporting the Fauxminist library!, We sold out women, especially lesbians for woke brownie points
  106. Anna McMan – Chin Nicholson, Autogynephiles Anonymous, Edinburgh, Leave lesbians alone, creep
  107. Homophobic Peition, Gay kids exist, Support funding for gay children not hate, Gay not queer
  108. A.N.Other Woke Idiot, Being a woke idiot, Wibble Wibble Pronoun Woke Salad, Wibble Wibble
  109. XXXX, Man, Mate, Mate Mate., MATE
  110. Rik ‘Hands up who likes me’, Anarchist, Anyone who disagrees with me is a fascist, London
  111. Good afternoon, fellow homophobes!, Thanks to everyone who signed this letter, We love taking away funding to gay people, that takes away funding from a gay organisatio
  112. Ronald McDonald, Clown, Makeup maketh the woman
  113. I’m not a vet but I know what a dog is
  114. Harry Potter, I support LGB Alliance, Your petition is homophobic, Hogwarts
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  116. Trans Women, are men., Biology is real, Upyours
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  121. The Pied Piper, Child trafficker, International Federation of Musical Groomers (Woodwind Section), Hamelin
  122. Les Bians, Don’t Do Dick, I Stand With LGB Alliance, They Stand With Me
  123. Putin, I support your homophobic efforts, Good job!
  124. I’m homosexual and LGB Alliance represents me. Trans people have their own groups too.
  125. The LGB alliance are awesome, LGB alliance supporter, LGB Alliance, LGB
  126. Dee Tranz-Ishna, Silenced, Stonewall’s basement, Under the stairs
  127. A suffragete turning in her grave, The ‘feminist’ library has become a joke, Shame shame shame
  128. Dr Frankenstein’s crazier brother, Prescriber of harmful chemicals to children, Affiliation of Deceivers, Druggists and Butchers, Village of Torches and Pitchfork
  129. TQ+ is homophobia, Massive Terf, International Terf Corporation, Terf Island
  130. Matt Walsh, even I’m more of a feminist than you, What is a woman?
  131. Grievance Junkie, Queer Studies Professor, University Of Mickey Mouse
  132. Black Pampers, Harassing women, Words I don’t like are violence!, Wherever women meet
  133. Billy Bragg (the real one this time), Mainsplainer, Pokémon Headquarters
  134. Stonewall pressures gay teenagers into getting sterilised
  135. Check Your Ratio Bellends, Probably Time to Delete, You’re a Laughing Stock
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  142. This is homophobia. Support LGBA, Gay people exist, Please, thanks., Have the Q, leave the L&G alone
  143. XXXXX_is_a_man, TruthSeeker, z, Terf Island
  144. You haven’t given them enough. Put a nought on the end, AdultHumanFemaleToo, Human race, Reality
  145. XXXXX Is a man, A misogynistic man, LGB Alliance is the true gay rights charity!, A homophobic man
  146. XXXXX, Pinky McSparkle, Glasgow
  147. Your Glitter Family, Loves you more than your parents, Not creepy at all
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  182. I will call M2F by whatever name you like, and refer to you as she/her, but you will ALWAYS be biological men
  183. Dr Helen Webberley, Ghoul, Gender GP, drinking cocktails by the pool
  184. Why do TRAs, Hate women and gays, so much?
  185. I believe in rights for TRAs, but not at the expense, of women’s rights
  186. I am not a TERF/bigot/transphobic, because I don’t want to shower, with a penis, next to a person
  187. Biological men, are not, even if they wear a dress and call themselves Susan, women
  188. Woman hater, Professional troll, NHS, Aardvaarkville
  189.  XXXX, Professional Homophobe, Stonewall UK, London
  190. LGB Alliance, are the, This petition sucks ass, greatest
  191. Gemma from Halifax, The EDI team said I had to sign this., Anyway, he’s, I mean she’s coming over now so, Apparently it’s part of being kind or something.. Im scared..
  192. Judith XXXX, Bullshitter, University of Bedwetters, Ivory Tower
  193. Owen XXXX Woman hater, Fantasyland, Up my own arse
  194. Lesbians love dick, Autogynephile, Incels Inc, A women’s toilet near you
  195. Activists do not speak for all lesbians, gays, bisexuals or even transsexual people!, This letter is ridiculous., Can’t you see how messed up that is? C’mon Man! IT’S MAAAAAAM!, LGBT orgs campaigning AGAINST a GAY helpline??
  196. Transdudes are men. The authors of this letter are pathetic homophobes, yes, yes, yes
  197. Anime P. Avatar, Terf bat manufacturer, Go Fund Me, Mommy’s basement
  198. LGB Alliance is a greatly needed organization, Feminist Library is homophobic, The LGB hotline is a necessary resource, Gays need this group for themselves
  199. Transwomen R. Men, Scientist, The Real Workd, Reality
  200. Mahdic Hurtz, Rubber-extraordinare, Wewanttoweewee, Mansville
  201. Iona Dick, Fantasist, Zanadoo
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  203. Sickmund Freud, Psycho Therapist, Cervix Envy Pty Ltd, Lesbophobia
  204. HomoSEXual! ‘Gender’ is delusive bullshit. LGB Alliance represnt ME, a HOMOSEXUAL!,
  205. Trans agenda reinforced gender stereotypes. Stop the madness.
  206. Jenny XXXXXX, Terf, Pet titions are real titions, Rent free in your head
  207. Ignore us, we’re bitter people, London
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  210. R wee thebaddies?, Gender youth leader, The Gender Youth, Pronoun
  211. XXXXXXX Professional TERF, Women’s Rights are not for males. I support LGB Alliance, Berlin
  212. Terfy McTerfy, Terf in Training, JK Rowling Appreciation Society, Terf City
  213. Transwomen are men, deal with it, dumbass libfems 🙂
  214. Helena Handcart (Terfy), Bullshit Detectorist, Owen Jones’s Nanny, Terf Island
  215. Notta Sexual-Orientation, LGB without the T, And what the hell does the + mean?, Leave LGB alone
  216. LGB Alliance is great, stfu., Asian TERF, Dicks Will Never Be Female, Women are Adult Human Females
  217. Freda Peeplefrom-Genderballs, Gender Atheist, Feminism, Reality
  218. Nina (Adult Human Female), LGB Alliance Supporter, I Stand with LGB Alliance, this is appalling homophobia, TERF Island
  219. XXXXXX, Wanna see it, Where does he keep it, Cervixville
  220. Nicola XXXXX, Joker, The Scottish raving looney association, Glasgow
  221. Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F’tang-F’tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel, Politician, Silly Party, Luton
  222. Ruth ****, Absolute clown, Selling out lesbians “(was) a price with paying”, House of Lords (unbelievably)
  223. Jolly Foxkiller, Wildlife Botherer, Very Bad Law Project, Windmill Towers
  224. Mr Thisneverhappens, Full time Penis Wanker, PIE, Cocksrising
  225. ‘gold lamé purse’ XXXX, Professional Narcissist and Female Impersonator, The Royal Society of Womanface Mansplainers, Somewhere in Texas…probably
  226. Roboplegic Wrongcock, Drag Queen, TERF Island
  227. Leave LGB Alliance alone, They are superstars, The only LGBT charity who knows what a lesbian is, The real world
  228. Vladimir Putin, I hate gays as much as you guys, bunker dwarf, the Kremlin
  229. Leave the LGB alone. Feminist Library does not speak for me., Women Stand with LGBA., #BeKind, Homophobia has no home here.
  230. Hermann Göring, President of the Reichstag, Nationalist Socialist Party, Berlin
  231. Lia Thomas, Stealer of real women’s achievements, Oops my dick has fallen out, NYC
  232. Pink floyd, Band, Leave those kids alone, Terftown
  233. Esme Crutchley, Solopreneur, Self-employed, Plymouth
  234. Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Jizz Squirter, Transsexual Transylvania
  235. Iona Wilson, Manchester
  236. trans Billy Bragg, failed musician, men’s rights, posh-topia
  237. Clare, Lesbian, Stop transing children you complete Aunt Lydias
  238. Stop transing young lesbians, Stop, Young Lesbians, Coercing
  239. Handmaidenfeminist, Handmaiden, BBC, London
  240. Menenist Library, Homophobes, We love the LGBA L. Stop sterilising kids, TERF Island
  241. David Lammy, MP, Can’t see any police around here, DEEZ NUTS
  242. Billy Bragg, Full time fool, “Comedians” for cocks, Loony town
  243. Cotton McCeiling, Harassing actual lesbians
  244. Cormoran Strike, Detective, CORMORAN STRIKE LIMITED, Aldershot
  245. Rainbow Dildo Butt-Monkey, Pomo Librarian, Trans The Gay Away, Incelford
  246. Bescumber Buncombe, Fecking feck dissembler, LGB Alliance, Terf Island
  247. Ivana Tinkle, In the laydeees, Toilets
  248. XXXXXs Nine-Hour Explanation of what ‘Non-Binary’ Meanz., Green hair-dye manufacturer, London
  249. Ivanna Choppayukokov, Surgeon (pre-training), Rusty Choppers Inc., Bangkok
  250. Otto Gynophile, Bullying bar steward, Misogyny and Homophobes collective, Terftown
  251. Incontinentia Buttocks, Wife of Biggus Dickus, LGB Alliance, Rome
  252. Mama Smurf, Blue Lady, Woo Woo, Women Are women
  253. Hairy McClairy, Donaldson’s Dairy
  254. Childish Forever, Believer of anything I see on social media, Tiktok Farm, City of groomers
  255. Mrs Ballbag Lady Wang, Dilation inspector, Manginas.Inc, Cockshire, Bell End Lane
  256. Betty Big Bollocks McLadycock
  257. Dixie Recht, Female Changeroom
  258. I’m a laydeeeeeeeee, Elbowing women out of the way, Terfopolis
  259. XXXXX Stunning Brave, Serial Sex Offender, Just Don’t Look, Wi Spa, That Girl’s a Bigot
  260. Papa smurf, blue guy, men are men, Woo Woo
  261. Nameless, Jobless, Worthless, Homeless
  262. Trans Billy Bragg, Singer, TERFVILL
  263. 30 Helens Agree, LGB Aliance, Is necessary, Not anti trans
  265. Gender ideology is sexist stereotypes, Sex not gender, Woman is not a feeling in a man’s head, Let women speak
  266. Full time woman cosplayer, Fetishist, Pretending to be oppressed at cons, Make believe
  267. Seems homophobic to me!, Self Employed, Nonnaya, London
  268. Mister Groomer-Creep, Kindergarten Teacher, The Drag Queen Preschool, San Rafael,
  269. Seveninche Clitorise, Packing girl, Beard like Hagrid, Meat
  270. Helen Wobberley, Quackdoctor, Childhell.Inc, Transmania
  271. Feminist society MY ARSE, LGB Alliance Forever, Bonerwall are finished, Drop the T
  272. Miss Muffet, Tuffet sitting, Curd munching, Whey
  273. This Open Letter is Homophobic, Truthtown, Bunn Halifax, TQ8 LGB
  274. Twa Mbam-Thank, You ma’am, Not a woman, Bang kok
  275. Dr XXXXXX, Embarrassing tweets, Private Health, London
  276. Silence LGBs, Suck the Girldick, The Right Side of History
  277. You are all, Very, Terfs, behave yourselves, Naughty
  278. Close Down Stonewall, They’re, Homophobes, Vile
  279. The Ogre, XXXXX, Ogre, Defunder of rape centres at Rat Nailers R Us., Underbridge
  280. The Poor Dead Fox murdered by the kimono wearing Jololololyon Maugham QC’s baseball bat, Clayton Windmills, Good Law Project, Clayton
  281. Robin Incel, Brian Cox’s straight man, They only want to pee, something very odd going on here
  283. ThoughtPolice, Paranoia, Low self esteem Massive Ego, Why?
  284. Anyone for a game of scrabble?, Location, Terf Island
  285. Cunch of Bunts, Massive, Vagina
  286. Terfy McTerfFace, Adult Human Female, Laughing at blue hair, Trans Fancisco
  287. Father Jack Hackett, Pronouns drink/feck/arse/girls, Craggy Island Parochial House
  288. Assigned a Gender Athiest, Support LGB Alliance, Glasgow
  289. Leave LGBA Alone, Woman, Sod Pronouns, Sanity
  290. Everyone is hateful and wrong who disagrees with me., Pro Tantrum performer, Space cowboys Inc., Metropolis
  291. Hey, leave the kids alone, leave, LGB & women alone, Keep in your own lane!, Only WOMEN are women!
  292. Marjorie Hipkins-Genderwang, Foreskin Seamstress, The Pudding Club Of Greater Wombwell, Felch
  293. Dixie Normous, Yes, ACME, Feltham
  294. Three singing geese, Harmony singers, We were the real stars of that film, forget that Poppins woman, Pavement drawing, Cherry Tree Lane
  295. Tarquin Richdad, MRA, Black Pampers, Wherever there are noncompliant women
  296. Lesbians don’t have penises, Woman, Adult human female, Single-sex toilet
  297. Wrong kind of lesbian, Dyke, LGB Love org, London
  298. Enby Tarquin-Snott, Professional Screecher, MeMeMeMe, Basement at home
  299. Benito Mussolini, Fascist Dictator, Approving pillaging other rights ;), On your side!
  300. Lesbi McLesFace
  301. Mr Binnicle, First Mate, Aye, Aye Captain, Cherry Tree Lane
  302. Les B Ann, mam with a penis, Technician
  303. Don’t Believe Penis News, This is going well, Are Scumbags, Scolds
  304. Iam a. Homophobe, IT consultant, Belfast
  305. Dick Panderer, Handmaiden, Trans Blob, Gilead
  306. PERSECUTING CHARITIES IS VILE, Get a life!, Charity sector worker FEMINIST, SHAME on you!
  307. Bert, Chimney Sweep, Not sure this petition is going to plan is it?, LGB drop the T
  308. Billy Bragg, No not that one, Bragg rights are human rights, All Braggs are valid
  309. Usma Pronouns-Bigot, Human Resources, Halifax, HALIFAX
  310. How dare you say my signature will not be valid!, You, bigots, STFU
  311. Andy M, Head of Customer Relinquishment, Halifax Bank, Twitter
  312. Women and Gay Hater, Hater, lets trans the gay away., London
  313. Dorothy Gale, Child, Leave LGB people alone you homophobes, Not in Kansas anymore
  314. National Lottery done good., Thank You, Supporting Lesbians – the most oppressed
  315. WOMENS Rights, female, iamafemale, femaleness
  316. anonymous, Pick me!, Let men listen to your traumatic stories, bigot! Maleapprovaltown
  317. Mary Poppins, Practically perfect in every way, Stop attacking LGB Alliance, Cherry Tree Lane
  318. What’s wrong with supporting gay and lesbian youth, Seriously what’s the problem, Explain it in words of one syllable
  319. JK Howling, Authoressssss, Fnord Technologies, Landan
  320. Nicola, No one told me that only men have penises, I thought all women had them too, It’s not my fault
  321. Rose DeWitt Bukater, Posh bird off that film, Stonewall sinking faster than the Titanic., First class
  322. Homosexuality is a transphobic genital preference
  323. Shame on you, Call yourselves feminists?, WTF are you thinking?, Scarlet for you
  324. Adult Human Female, Standing for XX,, Fuckrightoff, U. Wanker
  325. Trans men are women, Gay men don’t have vaginas!
  326. XXXXX, Castrator, I castrated my son for his 16th birthday, Thailand
  327. Annie Rection, Cry wanker
  328. DOCTOR Adrian XXXXX, Troll GP, Deplorable, Suspended
  329. Me here? Endorsing your homophobic agenda, 13th Duke of Wybourne, Disgraced Aristocracy, Wybourne
  330., witch huntin the LGBs, Remember the Gay Liberation Front?, London
  331. I demand the right to self identify as a duck, Duck Warden, Ducks Lives Matter, Springfield
  332. Coutsier Boobsoff, Child Mutilator, Stonewall, London
  333. You, Pathetic, Feeble, Idiots
  334. HomoSEXual, LGB without T
  336. Lia Thomas, Cheat, LockerRoomFlasher, Pennsylvania
  337. Proud Gay, All the love to LGB ALLIANCE!
  338. Lottie Kleenex, Self promotion, The Glitter Underground, Hentai
  339. MINDYAOWNBUSINESS, End Misogyny, Stop harassing lesbians and gays, Got nothing better to do?
  340. Debs knows TWAM, Men can’t be women, Full time Terf, Terfville
  341. Lesbians, Dont do, Leave us alone!, Dick
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  351. LadyPenisMcLadyPenisfaceOfMisogyny&Homophobia, Coercing lesbians since 2015, Caring about LGB people is not transphobia, ILiveInYourMind
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  354. Lesbian and Gay is Good, Child Protection, Shutdown Stonewall for Hate and Homophobia, London
  356. Cotton Ceiling, Unbreakable, Professional Gusset Reinforcer, TERF Central
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  360. AndyM, Company’s liability – accounts closure team, Halifax Bank, Leeds
  361. I stand with LGB Alliance, Terf Island
  362. AndyM, Twat, If you don’t like this petition you’re welcome to close it., Halfifax
  363. Gay Men don’t eat pussy!, Sex not gender, St Albans
  364. Support dog at Alison Baileys tribunal. Woof woof, Being a dog, Dog rights are human rights, Too scared to live in a city
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  366. Malificent Randythrobber, Literal Doctor, Trans Rights are Male Rights, Bristols, Massive
  367. Blue haired narcissist, Me me me me, Bellend Polytechnic
  368. Nottingham Council, Winner of inaugural Pride Award, We’ve been Stonewalled, Wasting council taxpayers money
  369. Lesbian women, do not suck, Ever., XXXXX dick
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  371. Lesbian Cocks For Santa, Elf, Christmas 4Evah, Northpole Christmas Camp
  372. Owner Jones, Terrible writer, The Grauniad, Blackpool
  373. LGB Alliance is NOT a hate group, Adult Human Female, WomenWon’tWheesht. EVER., Terf Island
  374. Willie Flopper, Women’s spaces
  375. Jizzlechin McSlurpy, Octopus Wrangler, Build-A-Barbiepouch, Toontown
  376. Mr Biggus Dickus, Licensed Misogynist, Men’s campaign against women, Dickton
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  378. Ter. F. Island, Full time actual woman, TW R MEN, Lady Garden
  379. LGB Without the T, Terven Vanigasaurus, ScrewU, MenRNotWomen
  380. Ima Manne, Genderologist, GenderHawkers Inc., Terven
  381. Jerry Helmet, Obvious man, Church of the Woo Woo Sisterhood, Deep Voice, Ontario
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  383. TranswomenAreMen AndYouAreHomophobes, AdultHumanFemale, IStandWithLGBAllience, TERF
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  386. Adam Sapple, Head tilter, Free The Bulge, Ugley
  387. Tervens Fightback, Woman, Women of the World, Scotland
  388. Jen De Reskrap, Keep Out, Women’s Spaces, Of
  389. Dr Yeet The Teets, Steriliser of children, Hell
  390. This, petition, homophobic, is
  391. Gary XXXX Virtue Signaller Corporation, Virtue Signalling, Virtue Signal Inc, Brighton
  392. Groomy McGroomface, Groomer, Professional misogynist
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  405. Gay Isgood, homosexual, Gender is a Myth, London
  406. We love the LGB Alliance
  407. Woman Adult Human, Woman, Rights of Women, Womantropolis
  408. Mike Oxlong, Terf Island
  409. LGB. Everything to the right is straight, TERF, Jk Rowling rules, I am everywhere
  410. LGB Alliance Rocks!, First Officer, Gender Atheists R Us, London
  411. Woke Beard Misogynist, Homophobe, Trans Incels R Us, Bastardsville
  412. This is homophobic, Let the National Lottery Lotterise, Or else you might be next, Trumpton
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  414. XXXXX, Validator, Medals for men who wear a dress, Stunning and Bravesville
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  416. LGB RIGHTS – Leave gay people alone you vile homophobes. SAME SEX ATTRACTION! Sex is not gender.
  417. cis is a slur, sex can’t be changed, academic (ret), LGB supports LGBs. Stonewall only supports TQ+, Southampton
  418. Gender ideology is over., You nonces are, Going to jail. See you in court.
  419. Black Pampers, Call me Loretta, FoetusInABox
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  423. Meghan Markle, Princess, Archewell, Sussex
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  426. Alex XXXX, Beardy Bandwidth Expander, Bonewall
  427. Feminist Library Supports Homophobia
  428. Trans rights R 🍆 rights, Humans aren’t 🤡🐟, TERFS RISE UP 💪🏽💅🏽🚺, 2+2 = 4
  429. Pick-me Girl (self-IDs as feminist, Human support animal for men, Gilead
  430. This open letter proves why the, Helpline, Needed, Is
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  432. No Shame In Same-Sex Attraction, Homosexual, Reality, XY
  433. Harpic Blue Hair, Flasher, No one will have me, Cockoutville
  434. Ignore this childishness, LGB Alliance, great, is
  435. Feminists don’t hound gays, Adult male, Human Race, Edinburgh
  436. Cassandra Halliday, TERF, Terfs r us, Terfville
  437. This petition is pure homophobia, LGB without the T, Liberals for Reality, Suffragette City
  438. Thispetitionisproofofyour Homophobia., WomensRightsAreHumanRights, Leave lesbians alone, NosuchThingasaLadyDick
  439. Men aren’t women though, SorryIdontMaketheRules, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights, WomenAreReal
  440. Lesbians don’t have 🍆, Same sex attraction is VALID, Your mums a TERF
  441. Only dickheads start letters with “we are writing”, you’re not playing the effing piano, JFC, of course you are writing
  442. H. The Eighth, Wife Killer, Stonewall, Tudor branch, Hampton Court
  443. Reject homophobia, Support, LGB Alliance
  444. Fuck this shit, Being gay, Home
  445. It’s not hateful to organise without the T, Not everything is about you
  446. William Bragg, Author, Progressive Activism: Why Women are Wrong, and how to Tell Them
  447. I support same-sex attraction and LGB Alliance, Oxford
  448. Stop trying to dictate how Lesbians and gay men organise
  449. Biology is real, GC feminist, Reality inc, Same sex central
  450. Sex not Gender, I love LGB Alliance, London
  451. This is the most misogynistic, Sexist, Homophobic ideology that I have ever known, Regressive
  453. Mr Antifa Chaser, Unemployed Archaeologist, Bedroom revolutionaries Ltd, Hereford
  454. Gay Man, I support LGB Alliance
  455. Adult Human Female, LGBA Supporter, Don’t Defund LGBA, Yes
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  460. Susan Peniscock, Knob Wrangler, Tom’s Tin Tallywhackers, Toole
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  477. Fanny Envy, Fantasy Island
  478. Gandalf the Grey, Wizard, The Fellowship of the Ring, Middle earth
  479. Some Unfunny TERF C*nt, Name Adder, Keep Adding Fake Names LOL
  480. Deirdre Elastic, Cinema Usher, Grubby Mac Multiplex, Steveage
  481. Hubert Horsebox, Cushion plumper, Blubberhouse
  482. Chelsea Gagging-Forit, Hotelier, Knocking Shop GmbH, Hamburg
  483. Verruca Jones, Pig Euthaniser, Hog Roasts R Us, Merthyr Tydfil
  484. Hugh Geranus, mentally deranged bottom goblin, The Menz, Gender Hell
  485. Boudicca, Chariot Driver, Head of the Iceni Tribe, Colchester
  486. Ellena Handbag, Nob Thatcher, Seaton Sluice
  487. Bustee Lynch, Merkin Maker, Sparkly Unicorn Corporation, Dagenham
  488. LG Bee, No Right to Self-organise, Without Gender Identitarians, Says Feminist
  489. Amanda Hugnkiss, Minge inspector, London
  490. Chas Tittbelt, Vicar, Church of St Minge, Oooer by the Sea
  491. JoJo Kimono, Pest control, For Fox Sake, Londonium
  492. Destiny Seahorse, Squirrel Matador, Swindon
  493. Mx. Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder Genderal, Reformation #2, Inc., Great Wenham
  494. Maya Bawsaritchi, High priestess, The Nu Religion Co, Lala Land
  495. Tallulah Twizzletits, Grifter, London
  496. Ivana Vankinpublik, AGP
  497. Manina Frock, Female impersonator
  498. Fanny Bygaslight, Outreach worker, Help The Needy, Soho
  499. Clara Sorrenti, Narcissist, Upper-middle class like the rest, Praxtopia


You can add your own signature to the Feminist Library’s letter here.

You can make a donation to the LGB Alliance here.

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Keeping it Real: Standing for Women at the Reformers Tree – June 2022

It’s a bright, sunny afternoon near the end of June and women are beginning to gather near the Reformers Tree mosaic in Hyde Park for the monthly Standing for Women get-together.

Although there are many trees in the park, the Reformers Tree itself is long gone. (If you’re interested in the history behind the tree, I write about it here). The mosaic marking the place where the tree may once have stood has been fenced off with large red plastic barriers, perhaps to protect it from the crowds which have gathered for the British Summer Time Festival.  It’s a hot day and there seems to be a disproportionately high number of people buzzing around on rollerskates. Spirits are high. The festival stages are hidden behind high green fences, but the inevitable rainbow covering peeps over the top.

I’ve arrived a little early and am glad to sit down on the grass in the shade under a large oak and sip a cool drink. There are already around fifty women and a handful of men gathered under a nearby tree.

Kellie-Jay (aka Posie Parker) arrives a little late. Looking round at the open park space and trees, she jokes that this is a genuine ‘grass roots’ organisation. Women from all over the UK -and occasionally further afield- come to speak and hear others speak at the Reformers Tree. At a Standing for Women gathering, any woman can stand up and speak if she wants to. The meetings are filmed by Kellie-Jay’s bodycam and by a full-size camera which livestreams directly to her YouTube channel.

You can watch this one here.

“Good afternoon!” she starts, asking people to raise their hands if it’s their first time here;  the first timers get a cheer from the rest of us. “Welcome to ‘Peakers’ Corner’.”

Being silent – or even polite- is why we’re in this mess in the first place, she tells us, encouraging women to stand up and speak up.

“If you do get in trouble, there are loads of us with apparently very deep pockets, and we will make sure we get you the best legal advice in the land because we are not going to stay silent about this absolute shit that is transgender ideology.”

“There is no hierarchy here at all. You get to stand up, you just put your hand up, you don’t need to queue… you come and speak. When you’ve finished what you have to say, you stop talking and everyone thanks you for yuor contribution and we move on. 

So. Who would like to talk?”

Sam was first to speak. She reminded women that we are fighting different parts of the same battle and that all of us are needed in this fight.  “In essence we share a common belief, that  biological sex is real, that sex matters and that gender does not, will not and should not ever usurp that…. as a rule we are good, kind, socially responsible people… it doesn’t matter what your politics are, on this one matter we must stay united.”

A woman spoke about her experience with Oxleas NHS mental health Trust,  who presented her with a patient satisfaction survey ‘full of questions that appeared to reject the concept of sex’. The Trust has been unable or unwilling to answer her questions and FOIs, including whether they prescribed certain drugs according to sex or gender identity. Despite the involvement of her MP, she has still not recieved satisfactory answers.

The next speaker said she had been ‘out since the early 90s’ and she had a message ‘specifically for young lesbians’.

“You absolutely have the right to say no- without shame- to all unwanted sexual advances and manipulation from these groomers. From these autogynephilic predatory men, pretending to be women, pretending to be lesbians… To to be same sex attracted is not phobic to anyone, not wrong and definitely not unkind. Anyone that tells you otherwise is an entitled opportunist who deserves nothing from you…. no matter what your indoctrinated ‘alphabet soup’ peer group is telling you.”

 We older LGB have the responsibility to not be complicit in the homophobic lies being told to young lesbians… there is no pride in staying silent or fence-sitting.”

You can’t sit with us

Kellie-Jay has come under again attack recently, from women who some might loosely describe as being ‘on the same side’.

Social media is known for its hyperbole and sometimes tenuous grip on reality but accusations such as ‘consorting with the devil’ could understandably leave women confused as to what exactly we are supposed to be blaming her for now.

Is Kellie-Jay a Warrior of the Christian Right or a Lackey of Satan? It depends on who is casting the stones, it seems.  I’m surprised somebody, somewhere on Facebook, hasn’t accused her of having contributed to the Roe & Wade result.

Oh wait, they have.

Kellie-Jay makes no secret of the fact that she is a single issue campaigner. She believes passionately in prioritising the protection of women and children from gender ideology, and in protecting the language we use to describe ourselves.  Perhaps a helpful analogy would be someone who runs a donkey sanctuary and expresses little or no interest in looking after cats. That doesn’t mean she hates cats and hopes terrible things happen to them. It just means she’s really busy looking after donkeys.

Julia Long channels Mark Antony

Kellie-Jay doesn’t support any political party and has coined the term ‘femaleism’ to describe her activism. While the term doesn’t ring my bell I can understand why she would want to distance herself from a movement that has treated her so absymally, even as it simultaneously embraces those with far more dubious credentials.

Because have no doubts on that score, it does.

Julia Long spoke next, choosing to address this issue with an inspired revisiting of Mark Antony’s ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ speech from Julius Caesar (Act 3, Scene 2).

To fully appreciate it, you might want to quickly revisit Antony’s version here.

A simple analysis & some politcal context are neatly wrapped up here.

There will be a test on Tuesday.



“Friends, sisters, adult human females, lend me your ears:

I come to banish Posie Parker not to praise her.

The evil women do prospers on social media

The good is often pointedly ignored.

So let it be with Posie. The noble X-   (“I’m not going to name any of them” added Julia)

Hath told you Kellie Jay is a racist:

If it were so, it was a grievous fault

And grievously has Kellie-Jay answered it.

Here, under leave of X and the rest-

for X is an honourable feminist

So are they all, all honourable feminists-

Come I to speak at Posie’s exile.

She is my friend, faithful and just to me:

But X says she is a self-serving egotist

and X is an honourable feminist.

She hath invited women out to speak

Whose vigour now a general movement builds

Did this in Kellie Jay seem ambitious?

When the mothers who lost their daughters cried; Kellie Jay too hath wept:

Egotism should be made of sterner stuff:

Yet X says she is an attention-seeking narcissist

and X is an honourable feminist.

You all did see that in the US Congress buildings

She challenged- boldly- a man called Sarah McBride

Who now wields power as a senator to stamp upon our rights

Yet for this she was condemned.

I speak not to disprove what X has spoke

But here I am to speak what I do know.

We all do love her here, not without cause:

And cause we have to love each other now

As the sky across the United States of America turns red

And the rubble of Paktika in Afghanistan lies red

both soaked with the blood of women.

Yes cause we have to love each other now

More fully and more fiercely than we know.”


Next up was Doctor Em, who spoke about how she had once been afraid to come to events like this, and encouraged women not to be afraid to attend. She noted that there were more women here than ever.

“We have each other’s backs,” she assured listeners. “So if you are struggling we will care for you.”

“The open mic has introduced me to women and voices who we may never have heard of without it… to women frequently denied a platform or written out of their own history. I’ve made friends with women who make me laugh until I can’t breathe and who have really made me feel understood and included.”

Em thanked Posie and Iris and all those involved, concluding, “For those who are still nervous: my biggest regret is that I didn’t come sooner.”

As Em finished, the music started up inside the festival.  Despite Posie’s yelling at them to shut up, the sound was so loud that we had to relocate.  We packed up and shifted further down the hill. Picnic rugs and banners were gathered up, and babies and dogs gathered in- Leanne & Mary even had to move their tent- but a few minutes later we were settled in our new spot. The music flowed down after us, making it hard to hear the speeches unless you were close to the front.

“Some of what you’ll experience here is not necessarily just the words that people are speaking,” observed Kellie-Jay. “You might have to watch them at home if you so desire- but the collective kind of courage; that feeling like you’re not alone and feeling that you can say things here that maybe you’ve been too scared to talk about in your own life- that is part of the experience here.”

A young woman spoke about her childhood experiences at the hands of violent men, and expressed her concern that many bisexuals didn’t understand the damage gender ideology was doing to homosexuals. She planned to attend the Brighton meeting to speak to fellow bisexuals about the issues.

Emma, who had been reported to her employer for expressing her views on LinkdIn, said she had known little about this issue a year ago. After watching videos on YouTube, reading books and joining Twitter, where she saw ‘all the feminists raging about this’, she described herself as now being ‘full TERF’, expressing her concerns about the Tavistock’s prescribing of puberty blockers. She concluded by praising the Women’s Rights Network and emphasising the importance of raising girls to believe ‘you can be whatever you want’.

The music continued to permeate the circle so we moved further down the hill into an idyllic little space a few minutes walk away. It wasn’t really much quieter here but the speakers raised their voices and people moved in a little closer. Some of those at the back were trying to listen to the livestream on their phones. There were a couple of trees for shade, and some people parked themselves on a fallen log.


DJ Lippy stood up next. She spoke about sufragette Annie Kenney, who worked in a mill for fifteen years, and her commitment to the more millitant side of the suffrage movement. Annie Kenney was the only working class member on the board of the WSPU, and is from DJ Lippy’s hometown near Manchester. In her 1924 autobiography ‘Memories of a Militant’ Kenney observed how much she admired the ‘careful and methodical way’ in which the money was spent within the movement. DJ Lippy read us a piece from the memoir.

“No money was spent on advertising. If a chair would be suitable as a platform, why pay a few shillings for a trolley? If the weather was fine, why hire a hall? If the pavement were dry why not chalk advertisements of the meeting instead of paying printers’ bills? If a tram would take us why hire a taxi?”

You can read ‘Memories of a Militant’ here.

Thus the women of the WSPU worked collectively in the name of women’s rights. DJ Lippy encouraged 21st century women to do the same, pointing out that it costs nothing for local women’s groups to meet in the park, and that any one of us could arrange such meetings. When we meet outside, she said, the police have a duty of care to protect us, and ‘real life’ meet ups will bring new women into the movement.

“Just start speaking out wherever you are.”

Elizabeth, who described herself as ‘a lifelong socialist’, said she’d been shocked by the recent attacks on Posie and Standing for Women and her message was especially for ‘other lefties’.

“We on the left will do nothing but hurt ourselves if we carry on with factionalism and infighting and witch hunting and trying to find someone to attack for historical tweets,” she said, adding that we need a campaign against what she called ‘defence archaeology’. People are best organised by building movements through fun and unity, not hiding behind a screen saying, “I won’t talk to her, I can’t talk to her, coz she talked to her, coz she talked to her and that’s bad.”

Kellie-Jay responded by saying she would describe herself as apolitical because no party in the country had the interests of women at heart. It was ‘a bit weird’, she said, to be repeatedly attacked over things that aren’t true.

“I can’t lie, look,” she said,“If somebody saying horrible, untrue, defamatory nasty, vicious, bitchy things online about me means that somebody else says, “What did she really say?” I’m happy, because actually what I really say leads people to all of you, and everything that we talk about.” Adding that she didn’t care how people come to the movement as long as they come, she concluded, “To those women that have spent far too much time- tactically really dreadfully- saying terrible things about me, thank you very much, it means we got a bigger group here today.”

The next speaker was an eleven-year-old girl who said she wanted to speak up for the girls in her school who were obliged to share the mixed-sex toilets with sixteen-year-old boys.

“You can’t speak about it because we’ve got  people who say they’re non binary and trans in our school and if you talk about it and then you’ll be called transphobic like I have and like my cousin has.”

She said she was glad her mother had watched Kellie-Jay’s videos because it had helped her realise it was more important to stand up for women’s rights than to be ‘kind’.

“I’ve realised that I’m not being kind, I’m actually standing for women’s rights so and I’m going to keep on fighting for women’s right until I die.”

Her speech was met with much applause and not a few tears.

Lexi, from Stop Surrogacy Now UK, was next to speak. Firstly she told us how she had originally started kickboxing for self-defence ‘because by the time I got to 21, three of my friends had been raped’. Since returning to it after a ten year break, inspired by the words of Magdalen Berns, Lexi’s found it really benefits her mental health and helps her manage her anger over the violations of women’s rights. She recommends that other women consider trying it.

Lexi went on to speak of how surrogacy has been condemned as a human rights violation by many groups and individuals. You can read more here, sign petitions and access a template letter to send your MP.

Maya spoke next. Firstly she confirmed that she hadn’t got her judgement yet, not did she know when it would be.

She talked about toilets and why single-sex services matter. A Sex Matters survey about single-sex service provision received over 7,000 responses. 97% of female respondents said single-sex toilets, showers and changing rooms mattered – in all areas of public life. 57% of women who answered the survey had been sexually assaulted in their lifetime. The survey, she said, should be evidence for the HRC that single-sex services matter.

Handing off her hat as she stepped up, Baroness Nicholson was next. She greeted us as ‘dear friends’ and thanked us all ‘very much indeed for this magnificent gathering’. She called gender identity – at least I assume it was gender identity – ‘a deeply unpleasant virus which as far as I can tell has come from across the Atlantic’ and told us about a conversation she’d had with a congresswoman who believed transwomen could get pregnant: “I wouldn’t have believed it possible that this sort of idiocy could come out of Congress!” she scoffed.

Posie & the Baroness

Praising the French who are showing increased concerns about puberty blockers (although not, as she suggested, banning them) as well as the Finns and the Swedes who are taking more cautious approaches than previously, the Baroness said that she believed the Cass Review would be widely noted and after that, ‘I would guess puberty blockers will never be allowed near Britain again’.

Speaking of her work campaigning for single sex wards in hospitals, she informed us that the situation concerning assaults was worse than had been previously thought.

She has also been speaking with the Gay Men’s Network, and described the LGB Alliance as ‘fantastic people’.

“For some reason a few people are trying to split us up. Ladies and gentlemen, this is above party politics. It’s nothing to do with party politics. We need every scrap of support, whoever it comes, from so don’t let people split us up: I for one will not allow that to happen.

I support Posie to the hilt, and all of you as well.”

Before the next speaker, Kellie Jay returned to the subject of ‘gender neutral’ toilets in schools. She spoke about how with the advent of adolescence, young people- especially girls- push away from their parents and invest more in acceptance from their friends, and that this is a developmetal phenomenon not a cultural one. The gaslighing involved in expecting a girl to accept boys in her toilets, and forcing her to deny biological reality, can cause huge amounts of mental stress.

“I wanna see you parents come on this hill with me and die for it… I want you to appreciate the gaslighting of your daughters …I want you to take it as seriously as if they were teaching Scientology as fact! You need to be campaigning at the gates of the school.”

When kids aren’t allowed to use the toilets during lessons, which is the case in many schools, they all go at break time, which is when the mean kids- boys as well as girls- gather to bully others.  Posie spoke of boys timing girls to see how long they took in the toilets; others who hold their breath so they can hear what girls are doing in the cublicles. Reddit is full of adult men listening to women in the toilets- it is a fetish, she said, and gender neutral toilets are enabling it to get a grip in schools.

“If you’re still quiet and it’s happening in your daughter’s school, what are you waiting for?” she asked parents. “How upset, how afraid, does any girl need to be? How embarrassed does she need to be before you actually speak up? … Every single parent, you are the advocate of your children because if not you then who? Apparently these days, no one.”

Stella stood up and spoke about the recent event in Bristol, where masked men dressed in black had intimidated and threatened women with little recourse from the police, and read out a response to the letter she sent her MP, Thangam Debbonaire, representing Bristol West.

Debonnaire had written in reply that many women had written to her about the event.

“I do not understand why they were allowed to be in close proximity to women demonstrating their right to speak…  I have contacted the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset to raise concerns… I find it disturbing that behaviour by aggressive men in public- which clearly constituted abusive behaviour by the police force’s own definitions of violence against women and girls- appears to have been allowed… I have spent three decades fighting to end violence against women and girls… I will not accept this behaviour and will challenge every step of the way…”

Stella concluded by saying she’d never voted for Debonnaire before but she just might consider doing so now.

Jane Austen is the contact for Standing for Women Locals  and can help link up women to others in their local areas. You can email her via Standing for Women.

“We have to tell our daughters that they are wonderful and that they are brilliant,” said Jane, weho is concerned about the gaslighting of girls and young women. “They don’t need to change their bodies, they need to love themselves.”

Jane stood up and spoke of the friendship and support she had found since first coming to the Reformers Tree meetings six months ago. Women can do small things, she said, if they don’t want to show their faces they can have small conversations or put up stickers. “Try to do one thing every day.”

Posie thanked both Jane and Iris for their help ‘through the sometimes tricky times’.

Sarah had travelled a long way to be here and said it was “fantastic to be here with all the strong women and beautiful men that are part of this movement.” A Greenham Common Woman and first timer at the Reformers Tree, she said she had just one thing to say: “I never thought I would see the day when nobody can say what everybody knows. If you can’t say the truth, that this is my hand and this is a woman, we’re screwed.”

This observation was met with much applause. Posie checked to see if any more women wanted to step up.

“Before we allow a penis haver,” she announced, “we’re just going to let the vagina havers speak.”

Carina said she would like to give us an update from Fair Cop. She emphasised their dedication to having an impartial police force that policed ‘without fear or favour’, asserting that it’s unacceptable that police forces are “parading around the country wearing the colours of political lobby groups such as Stonewall”.  

Fair Cop “encourage people to please speak honestly and speak freely, and if the police make contact with you about so-called hate crimes, please do not admit to anything they throw at you until you have spoken to a lawyer.”

She told us about the Bad Law Project which will partner with Fair Cop to ‘attack the unlawful guidance and practise that masquerades as good law and legitimate practise’ and take on cases, on both the left and the right, that it believes have a good chance of success.  “This is about freedom of speech… the truth is the truth and anyone coerced into silence for speaking the truth or having an honest opinion will have the support of Fair Cop and the Bad Law project”.

“I want to talk about doing something small,” said the next speaker, “because that’s what I did.” Some women who had met at a Standing for Women event in Nottingham went to the National Cycling Championships where a ‘certain person’ was competing. The women held up little flags at the side of the race. “Now every time the story’s in the newspaper, our picture is in it too: women, standing up for other women.”

She didn’t say what was on the flags. I meant to ask her later but I forgot.

It was the first time that Claire had come to London to the Reformers Tree and she said it was ‘an incredible experience’. Claire wanted to talk about abortion rights, commenting that recent events in America have ‘creat(ed) a lot of trauma for women all around the globe as we think about how our own rights are precarious’. When her daughter asked her if women here were going to lose their abortion rights, Claire had felt able to assure her that this was not the case because ‘in the UK we have a really settled popular consensus in favour of the right to choose’.  She said it was important that we lend our backing to women in Ireland and Northern Ireland, who still had fewer abortion rights than us, and that women should not be compelled to provide a ‘life support system’ in the same way that we can’t be compelled to donate a kidney.

“If we can lend our backing to feminists in Northern Ireland and on the island of Ireland who are fighting still for fair abortion rights I think that would be a really valuable thing for us to do. And of course to lend our support to our sisters across the Atlantic who are facing uphill battles.”

Looking for a suitable link about abortion rights in Ireland, I arrived on the Amnesty page and was pleasantly surprised to find that they refer throughout to ‘women and girls’ rather than ‘pregnant people’, so I am happy to include their link on the subject.

Next, a woman stood up holding an icon. She identified herself as a Christian and held out a picture of Mary, Mother of God as she spoke. Referencing Matt Walsh’s film, What is a Woman, she said the question should not be ‘what’ but ‘who’.

Woman is not ‘what’ woman is ‘who’! Woman is a mystery who can make you laugh, who can make you dance, who can make you sing, who can make joy rush through your heart- and we can hug, we can dance, we can do everything together, we can enjoy each other’s company: that’s what woman is…. woman is love itself.”

No more women came forward, so it was time for the men, and to welcome Trans Billy Bragg.

“Trans Billy Braggs are Billy Braggs. What’s happened to Billy Bragg? What is a Billy Bragg?” asked Posie.

“I’m Billy Bragg!” called out some of the audience. “No, I’m Billy Bragg!” “No, I am!”

Trans Billy Bragg read out some of the tweets from the conversation with Cis Billy Bragg, and others, that inspired him to change his name.

Cis Billy Bragg had observed that women could be divided into trans women and cis women, causing an epiphany for Trans Billy Bragg who tweeted the above in response. As you can imagine, much merriment and jolly Twitter japes followed, causing Cis Billy Bragg to shut up for the first time since about 1978.

You can read the thread here, unless, like me, you have already been blocked by Cis Billy Bragg.

One more woman decided to speak. She told us she had been banned for life from the Marlborough, an ostensibly lesbian pub in Brighton “for misgendering what I thought was just a young butch woman.” She wanted to thank ‘all the YouTubers’ for keeping her sane during lockdown, and educating her on this issue.

Last up, of course, was the inimitable Mr Menno. He hadn’t planned to speak, he said, but a woman who had a trans-identified child had asked him to thank everybody, tell us all how happy she was to be here and how ‘you keep her sane with all this craziness’.

Once on the floor he reflected that ‘every conversation matters’ and told us how he’d been recognised in the supermarket by a young woman who had then come along to the meeting today.

“Sing us a song!” called somebody, and as a grand finale to the meeting, Menno obliged with a brief but enthusiastic rendition of ‘Keep your Cis to Yourself’.

Posie wrapped the meeting up by reminding everyone that we are stronger together.

“If we continue to meet, and you have the courage to speak with conviction whenever you are called upon to do so, I promise we will win.

If you block out the noise of those that seek to divide, I promise we will win.

If you can speak truthfully, even when your voice shakes, I promise we will win.

Do know why else we’re gonna win? Are you ready?

Because I never lose!

Well done.  Thank you for coming, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

How many people met up in the park on Sunday? Two of us did a head count about half way through and came up with 170 and 178 respectively. Someone else counted 190 a little earlier in the day. In the photo above- now stylishly re-imagined as a painting in an art gallery of the future- I counted 132, but only about 2/3 of the crowd is in the shot.

After the speeches were over, people settled into conversation as bottles of wine and fizzy water were opened.

“She accused me of biological essentialism,” I overheard a woman say to her friend. “I said to her, you’re saying that with a larynx and vocal chords.”

Someone had laid out some feminist books on a cloth with the plan that we could start a Sunday book swap at the meetings.

One woman was handing out tiny hand-made feathered badges in sufragette colours. Others were sharing out stickers they had printed at home. People kept offering me food and I kept saying “Is it vegan?” with a stupid hopeful smile.

“Yes!” grinned the woman with the massive box of Lola’s Cupcakes. “I knew some people would want vegan ones – there you go!” And she gave me a tiny but perfect red velvet cupcake that was totally delicious.

Dogs basked on the grass and babies fell asleep or chewed contentedly on biscuits. I nibbled on my cupcake and finished off the last of my flask of coffee. It felt really good to be here, with these generous and funny yet potentially fierce women.

Actually, I didn’t nibble on my cupcake, I scoffed it down in one gulp.

Mr Menno had a big box of Welsh cakes which he was distributing with enthusiasm. I shared out some red grapes and somebody gave me a banana.

I decided to ask a few of the women enjoying the last of the sunshine for their reasons for coming to the Reformers Tree today. So, to finish off this piece, here are some of their answers.

“Just basically fighting for reality. I’m a woman an adult human female: I’m not a ‘cis’ woman and I really resent the fact that our rights have been rolled back. I started off working in an office and I thought I knew sexism and all of that when they had the nudies up on the wall and it was all the boys club and all of that, and I didn’t imagine that 40 years later we’d be in the position we’re in. Everybody has to get up and make a stand now.”

“I’m here today because It’s always wonderful to meet like-minded women as we find ourselves, once again, 100 years on, having to defend our rights as Adult Human Females.”

“I’m here today because after last weekend in Bristol I think the police really need to get their act together and start listening to what women are saying to them about the threats to their safety…  those people should never have been been anywhere near us.”

“I come here today to support all woman (sic). As a woman, mother of a girl, this very important in these days.”

I came here today to be with other women because I’m really upset about the Roe V Wade decision being overturned. It’s really comforting to be in the company of women who experience the same things as you do and to be able to share in the camaraderie and the brilliant company of the women here.”

“I’m here because I enjoy the company of other women, with a shared interest, working towards the same goals- and if there was ever a time that women need to be united, it’s now.”

“These meetings have given women the opportunity to come out of hiding and speak in a safe environment about their concerns for their children and society at large.”

“Hi, I’m here because I think it’s really important to meet up in real life with others who understand certain basic truths that, inexplicably, you’re not allowed to say in public life. This is not semantic, this is really important for women’s rights and for children’s bodily integrity. We have to connect with people in real life and talk about these things.”

“If women can’t define ourselves we can’t defend ourselves and we do need to defend ourselves more now than ever before.”

“I’ve been wanting to come for a long time so I’m very glad to be here. I’m seeing a lot of faces of people I’ve been following on Twitter and admiring from afar. I think it’s really important to have these things- and it’s a lovely picnic!”

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