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In late 2015, my teenage daughter Jessie declared she was transgender and the experience tugged us into a rabbit hole of Orwellian double-speak and general insanity. I read so much during that time and it was such a vast learning curve that I felt compelled to bring all the threads together in an article.  I was especially struck by the exponential surge in the number of teenage girls who were ‘identifying’ as boys, usually young lesbians and usually after lengthy sessions on social media.

After Jessie desisted, I wanted to share what I’d read as well as what I’d learned and eventually I finished writing an article which contained over 100 links. Jessie added a short postscript of her own and I was delighted when 4thwavenow published it in December 2016 under the title ‘A Mum’s Voyage Through Transtopia – a tale of love and desistance’.

I’ve since re-published the article here on my own blog.

Before you ask me any questions; before you critcise or praise my stance on transitioning kids, or the appropriation of womanhood by men, please read that. It’s where it all began.

After Jessie re-realised she was a girl and things settled down at home,  I expected to put my time in Transtopia behind me and move on. Instead I became more fascinated- and angry- with the culture of misogyny and homophobia which underlies transgender theory.

For without stereotypes there can be no ‘brave transgender children’. Without the dolls and the pink tutus, a love of glitter, a gentle nature and a will to dance, what could possibly make girls of the little boys of ‘My Transgender Summer Camp’? What other than her love of Batman, karate and jumping around could make that short-haired, fierce little girl into a boy trapped in a female body? A feeling?  How does a boy feel? How does a girl feel?

Without sexism, there can be no transgenderism. Without the idea that there is a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ way to be a boy or a girl there would be no need to beguile and medicate these kids in an attempt to make them ‘fit in’. Our current culture of blind affirmation is not doing anyone any favours.  It is nothing short of abusive to tell a child that they are ‘wrong’, that they have been ‘born in the wrong body’ or that medication and surgery can make them into the opposite sex.  Affirming a trans-identified child- and many of these kids are LGB, autistic, have suffered trauma, abuse or loss, or have co-existing mental health issues- is to set them down a path to becoming a life-long medical patient.

This first step down this pathway begins with agreeing with a confused girl that she is a boy.  21st century kids who undergo social transition young frequently progress to puberty blockers. Children given puberty blockers almost always go one to take cross sex hormones. This combination leaves a child sterile and without sexual function.

What would have happened if I had affirmed my child when she told me she was a boy?

I would have called her by her new name and ‘he/him’ pronouns.

This would have told her that I believed she was not a girl, that I thought she had been ‘born wrong’ and needed fixing in order to be her ‘authentic’ self. It would also have affirmed her delusion, every day.

I would have paid for her to see a private therapist.

Most private therapists will tell you trans-identified children become suicidal if not transitioned. The reality is, there is no data to support the idea that they are more at risk than any other child being seen under child mental health services.

I would have accessed my child cross-sex hormones.

Don’t believe those who tell you about lengthy waiting lists. If you are broke and follow the NHS route, yes. If you’ve got a couple of hundred quid spare, you can get hormones for your child quickly and easily. Gender GP is just one of the services that has prescribed testosterone for girls as young as twelve. Before we jump to blame the parents, consider: is it any wonder parents resort to this when they’ve been told their child may kill themselves otherwise?

Girls on testosterone often develop acne and male pattern baldness. They grow beards. The beards, baldness and deepened voice are irreversible. They are also at higher risk of heart attack and other diseased and illnesses. Most doctors recommend a hysterectomy within 5 years of being on testosterone.

Top surgery would be next.

Why wouldn’t it be? By this point everyone would have been using my child’s new name and pronouns. Everyone would be agreeing with her that she was a boy. She would probably be using a binder, with all the health risks that entails. It would seem like natural progression to have an elective double mastectomy. In the USA, girls as young as 13 have undergone this procedure.

She might have chosen to go on to have phalloplasty, where the skin of the arm is stripped to form a tube of flesh that’s attached between the legs. As you can imagine, a lot can go wrong with this procedure.

And there we would have it.

My dysphoric child would have been left dependent on drugs and the affirmation of others to maintain this illusion for the rest of her life. And you know what? She could still never be a man.

In what world is this progressive?

You can read mine & Jessie’s story here with a post-script by my daughter.


About Lily Maynard

Shamelessly gender critical. There's no such thing as a pink brain, a lesbian with a penis or a gender fairy. Transitioning kids is child abuse.
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11 Responses to Welcome to Transtopia

  1. FreeGoddess says:

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this nightmare as a mother. I have an 11 year old granddaughter. Our public schools in Ontario just implemented new curriculum introducing the concepts of transgender. I’m terrified for her.

    How do I subscribe to your blog? I’d very much like to follow your work.

  2. The Honey Badger says:

    Good evening little Lily!

    It’s your friend, The Honey Badger. Still gobbing off I see…?

    Well, I’ve been looking at your website and I have decided to report you to your local police for suspected child abuse. Yes, child abuse against your own child. Aren’t I nice?

    And do pass on my regards to the little gobshites who have commented on my morning post? Seeing them lose their shit has made my day.

    And who is this Neurolawguy? Matzah or whatever his name is? Seems like a right pillock to me. He’s no more a solicitor than I am a chimpanzee. He’s probably some fantasist who lives in mummy’s box room wanking himself off over kiddie porn. Ask him, if he is a “solicitor” or “lawyer” like Steph IS to tell me the name of his practice because I’ve searched all the legal websites and Google and, guess what? There’s no mention of this little cunt anywhere. I wonder if he’d also like to call my mate’s kid “he” as he does Steph. See, my mate’s kid is trans – boy to girl – and her old man is ex-Army…

    Finally, thanks for alerting Miller about the screenshots sent over to the GMC’s solicitor. I wonder if they mentioned the fact he’s a transphobic little prick who is a bullshitter…?

    That’s all for now but, unless, you start showing trans people some respect, there will be more to come. And I may not scare you but I know those who WILL. Inside the law of course.

    Your friend
    The Honey Badger

    • Deborah says:

      You sound mentally deranged. Threatening people for disagreeing with your views on transgenderism is utterly despicable. You are scum.

      • The Honey Badger says:

        Nah, love.

        The only person who is fucking deranged is you.

        Go and get a wash and spray your armpits, you fucking tramp. I can smell you from here…

  3. The Honey Badger says:

    PS: Tell that Timbo Gooner he’s a little weed who looks like a nonce. All right?

  4. Deborah says:

    I agree with everything yoy say, but quoting yourself like that makes you seem insufferably arrogant.

    • Lily Maynard says:

      Ah, yes. That bit started off as a picture I put on Twitter, a way of getting round the character limit. When I wanted to include it in the article, I just stuck the picture in the article. Maybe it could be seen as a bit grandiose, but I think it’s ok to quote oneself. Why not? I (usually) choose my words carefully. I retweet myself too 🙂 bet you disapprove of that!

  5. Deborah says:

    You sound mentally deranged. Threatening people for disagreeing with your views on transgenderism is utterly despicable. You are scum.

  6. Jane says:

    Hi, finally a breath of fresh air in a world which is becoming rapidly insane
    I just thought you’d like to know that when my daughter was a young teen, she too told me she wanted to be a boy. She said she had felt like that since she was about 9.

    I didn’t laugh and I didn’t berate, I simply loved her and allowed her to grow. She grew into a beautiful, intelligent, funny lesbian woman who is now nearly 40 and happily married to the woman of her dreams.

    Perhaps things were simpler back then because underage children were not allowed to transition, so it simply didn’t enter my mind. Certainly not at her (then) tender years. She tells me now that she is beyond relieved not to have been going through this confusion in today’s age, because she would be a very very unhappy man!!!

    Thank you and stay well and stand strong. There are more of us out there than people realise. Strong women who won’t be bullied by the very vocal minority!

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