‘Witch’: Winged Labrys with Candles hoodie


Black free-size ‘Witch’ hoodie with labrys- a double-headed axe associated with the Amazons and later with feminism- and candles. The labrys is winged, representing freedom, the candles symbolise light and truth.

The design is in white vinyl and there is a smaller labrys detail on the left-hand side of the pocket.

The hoodie has a plaited cord, which can easily be undone if required.

FREE P&P to mainland Britain

The hoodie can be machine washed, ideally inside out, at up to 40 degrees.  These free size, medium weight hoodies fit sizes 8-18 and measure roughly 60cm in all directions when laid flat, across the bottom, chest & from nape to bottom at the back. – please see ‘hoodies’ description on shop home page for further details about care and sizing.


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