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Hi, this is the page with my contact form at the bottom, but first a few messages and links.


Please don’t tell me to ‘die in a fire’ as I have no plans to do that in the near future, or ever actually. I don’t hate trans people or wish to erase them, I just don’t believe a man can ever become a woman, or vice versa.  If you want to call me a TERF, please read this first:

If you message me here and your message is civil, I’ll do my best to reply, we need to talk.


If your child is trans-identified, I recommend checking out my articles here:

So your child thinks they might be transgender? – resources

So your child thinks they might be transgender? – information

You can also look at the posts and comments on these blogs where you’ll find a growing community of gender-questioning parents.


Transgender Trend

I’d also recommend checking out

Youth Trans-Critical Professionals


WOMEN (& guys)

If you don’t believe that men (not all of them, obviously) assault women and girls in female public bathrooms, I recommend you watch this:

If you don’t believe that trans-identified males (not all of them, obviously) hurt women and girls, I recommend you watch this.

If you’d still like to contact me, you can use this form & I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Thanks, Lily